Racer Cave @Mulu Heritage Park

After 3 years, I am back again to Mulu Heritage Park. As I promised in my Mulu post before this, I will be back for the caving adventure and here I am again. I am here for 3 Days 2 Nights initially for the Sarawak Chamber Expedition but in the end I ended up staying another extra night which I explain further in the Sarawak Chamber Expedition post.  For your information, before you are qualified to join the Sarawak Chamber Expedition, it is compulsory to join their Racer Cave adventure caving first. If you failed this test, you will are not allowed to join the Sarawak Chamber Expedition. They are really strict in this. 

The price of this adventure is RM160/pax with the minimum of 3 pax. We will have to take a 10 minutes boat ride before reaching to this entrance of the cave. The cave is an immediate level but you are required to wear harness for safety reason during certain parts in the cave where you need to descend at least 5 meters deep. We have 10 pax joining this trip so we are accompanied by 3 guides in this trip.
Our guide leads us through the cave climbing up and down the passageways with the aid of ropes. This cave requires some upper body strength but most people are successful. We enjoyed the great feeling that comes with discovering our abilities and meeting a physical challenge. Animal life in this dark place will amaze you; see insects that have evolved with curious shapes, replacing vision with long feelers to navigate in this underground world and Racer Snakes that have learned how to catch a meal as it flies past. You can learn more about this cave through my video below. Do enjoy!

The whole trip took us about 3 hours. It can be shorter but due to we were having 10 pax and it just slow us down. After the trip, the guide will inform the Headquarter on how many has passed the test. Unfortunately, 2 of our friends were disqualified and they are not allowed to join us on the next day expedition to the Sarawak Chamber. There is no second chance being given by the HQ as it is for our safety reason. They know best if we can make it inside the Sarawak Chamber or not.

Things to bring:
1) Own torchlight
2) Drinking water
3) Snacks such as energy bar
4) A good pair of shoes as it is really very slippery.

Overall, this cave is really exciting and beautiful. If you are not planning to Sarawak Chamber, you are also highly recommended to visit this cave.

Total Damage: RM160/pax
Service: 4/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

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