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Tun Sakaran Marine Park Island Hopping Adventure, Semporna

In Semporna, there are 3 things you MUST do which are Sipadan is the snorkeling and diving paradise, Mataking island is the perfect place to stay and the Boheydulang Island at Tun Sakaran Marine Park is the island you need to climb their peak for this amazing view. The price is RM320/pax for 2 dives and for non divers would be RM160/pax. It is inclusive of equipment, boat transfer and lunch.
Tun Sakaran Marine Park also known as Semporna Islands Park.  It consists of the islands of Bodgaya, Boheydulang, Sabangkat, Tatagan and Salakan, the sand cays of Maiga, Sibuan, and Mantabuan, and the patch reefs of Church and Kapikan. In 2004, the park became the seventh gazetted area under Sabah Parks with a total area of 350 km². There are approximately 2,000 people living within the park, most of whom consist of the nomadic Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) people, who live in stilt houses and houseboats in and around the marine park.
Most of the population of the sea gypsies are located at Tatagan Island. This is the first island the tourist boat will bring you to visit and to....
...offer something for them.
Whenever a tourist boat came to their area, they will row their fragile looking Sampan frantically towards to the boat to beg for something.
The situation may looks scary at times because you will see many small Sampans surrounded your boat. The good thing is they will never snatch your stuff. They will just ask or beg politely for anything you have on you.
There are young and old ones out there on the sea begging for anything they can get. Food, money and some young girls will ask for jewelries which you are wearing on you. I only had RM1.00 change that I had from the breakfast I took before this trip. I gave away to a little boy. I still can remember the look from his eyes was really touched to receive it. He kept saying "Thank you" to me for more than 30 times I think. I lost count actually. He just thank me while holding my money as if it is worth a million. I was speechless at that time. I felt so bad I didn't have more at that time.
There they are adrift on the vast and wide ocean waiting for another tourist boat. It was a sad looking scene but nothing much can a tourist to do to help them except a little help like this. I hope our government will pay some attention to this. It is not a good image for our country in tourism aspect. We are always known of living on the trees by the foreigners and this is just displaying something alike.
After another 10 minutes ride from Pulau Tatagan, we have finally reached the majestic Boheydulang Island. If you are opting for 3 dives, you will not be hiking but just make a dive on this island only. I would recommend you to take the hike instead.
There is no resort on this island. There are only army camp and toilets. You only can visit this island through the day trip package.
We had a short briefing before the hiking begins. It is more about the safety precaution and also things we shouldn't do such as littering. Please keep your own rubbish with you until you find a dustbin or leave this island with it. Be a responsible tourist.
The climb is not tough especially a stairs is specially made for you all the way to the peak. You can't get anymore easier than this.
I heard some tourist from China asking why there is no proper walkway with handhold rail bar. I have been to China, I know what they meant. In China, it was beautifully made and it is proper walkway for going up and going down. I really would prefer this way which is less touristic and more nature feeling. 
Here is my message to them: "That's why you are travelling out from China! What's the point you travel out of China and experience something which is similar with what you have in China? What's the point? Should just stay in China anyway."
It is just 600m walk which easily completed within 30 minutes. Can't get any easier hike than this for an magnificent view.
All the so-called hardwork is worthwhile after looking at such scenery. It is so beautiful beyond words. You have to witness it yourself.
Bohey Dulang is a mountainous island formed by the remnants of an ancient volcano. It is separated from Bodgaya, the biggest island in Tun Sakaran Marine Park, by a shallow channel. The crater forming Bohey Dulang is now flooded with seawater creating a large, majestic lagoon 25 meters deep.

The southern side of the lagoon is open, but just below the aqua-coloured water’s surface is a long stretch of coral reef representing the southern crater rim. Bohey Dulang is best known for the breathtaking views at the top of its peak, bird watching and the Giant Clams and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery. The island is also known for its population of Sea Gypsies, who’re some of the most photographed in and around the marine park.
We get to stay at the peak about 15-30 minutes. It is depending to your guide. The hotter the weather, you will get a much more beautiful scenery. So don't whine if the weather is too hot and don't too happy when the sky is cloudy.
What goes up must comes down. Let's go down and have lunch!
We are looking at the peak where we stand earlier on. It was amazing and unforgettable experience. Priceless!!!
After that, I had two dives at Sibuan and Mantabuan islands. These islands got no resorts as well too but the rubbish under the sea is just too much. Marine Park should called for a clean up and strict punishment on the tour agents who cannot control their customers from littering. This is going to help a lot. Last but not least, do enjoy my short video of my diving experience at Sibuan and Mantabuan Islands below. Thanks for reading!

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