Pulau Tinggi, Johor

There are a total of 9 islands at Johor which are Pulau Aur, Pulau Besar, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Kukup, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Sibu, Pulau Tengah and Pulau Tinggi. Most of the islands are privately owned by Johor Royal. It was not open to public so they are not as popular as Pulau Tioman, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang and Pulau Pangkor until in these recent years.
To get to Pulau Tinggi, you need to drive to Tanjung Leman Jetty. As of today, this is by far the cleanest jetty ever compare to any other jetty I have been. I really hope they can maintain the cleanliness as long as possible. For your information, you can get to Pulau Sibu from this Jetty too.
The parking here is ample and it is chargeable at RM4.00/day. You will have to pay RM4.00 the moment you enter the parking lot. When you about to leave, just show them your receipt and you will have to pay the balance based on the number of days your car parked at their premise.
The reason they collect the first RM4.00 is because there will be no one working at night after the last boat leave the jetty. So basically you are parking at your own risk.
There is a KFC and other Malay cuisine stalls opened on this jetty. You can get your food while waiting for your boat to arrive. There is no specific schedule on when is the boat is leaving. It is based on the resort you book from. There are only two resorts in Pulau Tinggi which are TAd Marine resort and Shaz resort. There are some local homestay available too. The most expensive resort is TAd Marine resort.
You will pass by Pulau Sibu first before arriving Pulau Tinggi. The total boat ride duration is 40 minutes.
This is not a public resort but it is Johor Royal Family's private resort. Public boats are not allowed to get too close. Let's just admire it from far.
There are two jetty on this island. This is the jetty which leads to TAd MArine resort which also known as sunset beach. It is also means that you will get to see sunset here. Shaz resort will be at the other side of the beach which they get to enjoy the sunrise.
If you still not sure which beach you are at, just look at this landmark. You will know you are at the sunset beach.
TAd Marine resorts is the most expensive resort on this island for a number of good reason. Their customer service is excellent, they have opened air jacuzzi and swimming pool for adults and kids too. The price you are paying is for a full board meal with activities such as jungle trekking and boat snorkeling. 
Just 10 minutes from Pulau Tinggi, there is a nice tiny island with super clear water is the snorkeling spot for tourist at Pulau Sibu and Pulau Tinggi. 
The equipment is provided except fins. This is because resorts are responsible to ensure the corals are not destroyed by inexperienced snorkelers who can't control their fins. For professional free divers, you can bring your own fins.  
We were given bread to feed the tropical fishes. It was amazing experience especially to any tourists who are new to ocean life. 
If you are lucky, you will get to see black tip reef sharks and sea turtle. I was lucky enough to see a black tip reef shark swimming pass us. It was too fast for me to react to take a picture of it.
For divers, there are no dive centers at Pulau Tinggi. The nearest dive center will be at Pulau Sibu. TAd Marine would be glad to help you to arrange for a dive session with the dive center to pick you up. The price would be slightly more expensive. I would recommend you to stay at Pulau Sibu if you would wish to have diving activity included in your trip.
Pulau Tinggi is more to family and couple who wish to just enjoy the beach and feel the sea breeze. It is not really a good choice for adventure seekers.
You can't rule out that Pulau Tinggi got nothing adventurous activity at all. Their jungle trekking can be adventurous to some people. Jungle trekking is included in the package stay. For your information, if you want to stay in TAd Marine resorts, you are required to stay a minimum of 2 nights. They will not entertain anyone who just want to stay for a night.
At some part you may need to hold onto the rope to climb. Adventurous for you? I think it is just the beginning of the real fun.
The rewarding part is this waterfall. After a short 15 minutes walk from TAd MArine resort, you will see this amazing waterfall. Pulau Tinggi is named because they have the highest peak among all other islands in Johor. So you wouldn't be surprised when they have a waterfall like this to offer you.
Time for cliff jumping! It is quite deep when it is near the waterfall area. You legs can't touch the ground over there. It is a perfect spot to jump into.
This is the way how you get to the waterfall and time to go back the same way it is. There is nothing inclusive in this jungle trekking except guide fee with medic kit and drinking water. So bring your own food and a dry clothes to change if you do not wish to walk back to your room in all soaking wet.
As I have mentioned earlier that this is the sunset beach, so do expect for beautiful sunset. NOTE: If you feel like going for a snorkeling by the beach, they do rent a set of equipment at RM50/set. You can rent their kayak at RM50/pax/hour. 
Most of the time, you will be disappointed by the thick cloud. It is common in Malaysia as this country is very cloudy for the most of the time. It is rare for you able to get a shot of the sun setting in the ocean.
The nightlife in this island is basically none. You can find your activity by the beach or use their swimming pool even though they said their swimming pool is only open until 7.00pm. The reason is because they might turn off the lights around the swimming pool after 7.00pm. Actually, you still can swim. They do sell alcoholic drinks and one thing is notable is their meal is decently delicious. Overall, it was absolutely a great time to enjoy at Pulau Tinggi even though the price is about RM700/pax all-in package. NOTE: You will depart back to the mainland at 12.00pm sharp. No other time unless you special arrange with the resort with a fee.
Freakout Level: 1/5
Recommended?: Yes
Price Range: $$$$

Service: 4/5

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