Restoran Tim Sum, Taman UOG

Restoan Tim Sum has always catching my eyes because their tables are always fully occupied especially during the weekends. Other than that, hunting for a parking here is really a pain. That's the reason why I have taken so long to grab an opportunity to dine here.
To know a dim sum restaurant is good or not, all I have to do is to try their siew mai.  Too much lean meat is used instead a good proportion of fat meat in it. It just make the siew mai less chewy and tangy.
Second is har gao. The main ingredient for har gao is the prawn. The prawn must be at a very adequate size so that you can taste the freshness and the springy texture of it. They failed to do so.
When the most popular siew mai and har gao are not up to standard, you can expect others as well.
The price is not cheap too for a plate like this but you must be questioning me why there are still so many people eating there?
Based on my observation, the reason is simple. This is the only dim sum restaurant at Taman OUG. Most patrons are shoppers at the nearby wet market and Pasar Pagi. It is convenient for the patrons to just sit down and grab a quick breakfast or brunch with their big and small bags carrying around.
For example this simple prawn chee cheong fun, how can they use a dried prawn instead of fresh prawn? That's a newbie mistake.
They can be easily replaced by another dim sum restaurant if this is the standard that they will continue to display. 
They are actually not really that bad after all. The only thing that is worth a compliment is their fried stuff. 
Their fried yam is the best among all. However, it doesn't make this restaurant a recommended restaurant at all.

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