Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain Carnival a.k.a Viper Challenge

After last year's successful event of the Viper Challenge at Genting, this year without any surprises, it has become the most anticipating event of the year! Almost everyone is looking forward for this event organized by Great Eastern and Resort World Genting. This year this event is known as Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain.
They got over 10,000 participants signed up for this event which is more than last year's 8,500 participants. I will not doubt they will get more participant in the following year. I can bet on that. Especially a great and smooth session by the organizers which a lot of the participants told me that they are very satisfied about it.
Say enough with technology and gadgets, time to dunk yourself into their homemade Sirap Bandung, only if you are thirsty enough. You do not have to worry to get wet because there are shower and changing rooms provided after the event.
This is one of the many obstacles that is known as The Gauntlet Challenge. The challenge is very straightforward, just climb across the obstacle. Nothing complicated. It is highly depending on your arm strength. 
This is the Pipe Pyramid Challenge which I find all of them quite interesting. I do not wish to be photographer again next year, I want to be one of the participant! You might be wondering how to manage this event by releasing all 10,000 people at the starting line? That is not the case. They were released batch by batch with about a few hundreds per batch starting as early as 6.00am in the morning and keep releasing every 15 - 30 minutes.
If you think Viper Challenge is more about your own personal strength to complete them, you are making a big mistake. It is always about teamwork. You are advised to join this event in a team of at least three. The more the merrier of course. AS you can see the challenge above which is known as Peg Wall Challenge where your team mate is required to drag you up across to the other side. Impossible you can do this all by yourself.
Why minimum 3 in a team? This is why. At the monkey bar split challenge, you may need your team mates unless you have a very good arm strength. The beauty about the viper challenge is not about finished up all the obstacles at the shortest time possible. It is all about getting out together, get the feeling of togetherness, and to create a greater bond among each other. 
You may join this event all by yourself, all you have to just hook up with a team and join them. Who doesn't want more people in their team? When you come to this event, you just have to let go of your old self and start socializing. Do not care about your image and have the fullest of joy! Don't stay at home and get some fresh air!
It is not a carnival if there is no music and food! The Double Aze comprising Allan G. Murillon and Albert Sirimal, with their gentle harmonies and acoustic numbers. The other performer was vocalist June Wong who was accompanied by her keyboardist friend. With her smooth vocals, Wong easily got the crowd to sit back and relax as she delivered some contemporary numbers.
Time to replenish your energy! The tables here are obviously very limited for 10,000 pax.
Do not worry, the land is big. You can sit anywhere to eat. The Earth is your table!

The colourful food trucks adding to the carnival atmosphere sold all types of food, including Big Hug Burgers, Curbside Cantina (selling Mexican food), The Backyard Chef (Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips and Ice Cream), Planet Gergazi (hotdogs), and Lokka Cafe (sandwiches, sausages, hotdogs, juices and teas). There were also trucks selling desserts and sweets, namely Pancake on Wheel, Pocky, Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, and Juice Buzz. Beverages including beer were also aplenty. 
The unique sight of so many food trucks in one place alone must have excited many people, as did the Grilled Chicken with Firewood that was presented “tall tower and campfire style.”
My personal favorite is this truck which is selling mixed fruit juices. They are 100% made from fresh fruits as displayed in front of the truck. 
Never doubt their freshness and their creative idea in mixing three kinds of fruits together. Every each one of them looks really delicious and it only starts from RM8.00/cup.
Last but not least is do not miss the chance of getting a good picture of yourself after completing the event. It is a definite a memorable memory and moments of joy to think again whenever you look at the picture.
The taste of victory is only you would know. This is a great team bonding opportunity which you should not just come once but attend it every single year. Hmm...I should start gathering my team for the next year's Viper Challenge. 

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