Whoever used to hate transfer flight will no longer feel the same anymore after reading this...

When travel long distance which is more than 7 hours flight, most of the flight passengers would opt for a direct flight to avoid the nuisance waiting time for the flight transfer. Another reason is to reduce the travelling time so that they can have plenty of time to spend on their desired destination instead. Actually if you are not in the rush, it is more economical to take a flight transfer. Not just economical but it is also better to have a good rest on the land rather than in the air.
Plaza Premium Lounge which is under the Plaza Premium Group, headquartered in Hong Kong and spreading their services throughout 130 locations of 35 international airports and still counting. They have their lounges at KLIA and KLIA2 but only KLIA2 has their exclusive transit hotel service. Their direct competitor is the Capsule hotel which is located at the same place. If you have stayed in the Capsule Hotel, you will know they only provide an extremely tiny space for you to sleep or rest. Anything else will be charged separately. While at Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA2, it is a whole different package here. One price to enjoy all their facilities**.
In Plaza Premium Lounge, you are getting your own private room instead of a tiny space. Basically, all their rooms has this stylish and space saving seating area where you can put your luggage underneath it.
They are very thoughtful enough to separate all their bathrooms to two parts which are the shower area and the toilet area. Almost all the rooms having this same concept except their Single Room which is only fit for one person. You got to love their power hot shower. The water is so strong and you might not want to come out from there.
As for the amenities, all types of room have exactly the same thing. Towel and mineral water are included too. One thing worth to be taken note is they provide an ample power point for you to charge more than 1 electronic devices that you might have.
I stayed in their Studio Room on that night which cost me RM358nett for 5 hours. The mattress was thick and comfortable. The air-con is so cold and not stuffy as I have expected since all their rooms are without windows. They are not stingy with their pillow. Everyone got two pillows each. I wouldn't want to wake up that night.
This is their Traveler Suite which offers to maximum of 4 guests only. They are not renting out per bed. They are renting out the whole room. So make sure you have 4 people in the group to fully utilized this room which is charged at RM568 for 5 hours. The bathroom and toilet is just one each in the room. In case both are occupied, you can choose to use their other toilets and shower rooms at their lounge area which is just a few steps away. The lounge area has 3 private shower rooms and 2 private toilets. I really have to emphasize the word "private" here because you will using the whole toilet or shower room by yourself. You are not going to share with others until you have finished.
For Family Suite, you have two choices which are one double bed and one bunk bed as shown on the picture above or two twin beds and one bunk bed. The prices are the same which is at RM568 for 5 hours. Family suites are only allowed a maximum of 4 pax. If 5 hours is not enough for you, additional hour is chargeable at RM90/hour. This extension rate is the same applies to all other type of rooms. Usually, you do not need more than 5 hours. If your waiting time is more than 5 hours, you might as well have a tour and stay around the city nearby the airport. 
Lastly the Single Room which offers 3 different types of price rate unlike the other rooms. RM238 (3 hours), RM258 (5 hours) and RM278 (10 hours). 
All their rooms comes with complimentary 15 minutes foot message per room which means if you are staying in a Family suite, only one person in the family is entitled for the free massage. In my opinion, this is something they should just offer to everyone instead of one person only. Quite silly to be honest. As for the other facilities which is provided and included in the room package are their free computer usage. They have 2 computers to offer. Other than that is the wifi is available for free with unlimited usage. Their internet line is fast and quite stable.
The highlight of all their facilities is their generous buffet spread. They will keep refilling their food and drinks for 24 hours. During certain time such as in the morning at 10.00am and at night around 7.00pm, you will able to see extra food are serves. Eat as much as you like throughout your stay and do not feel shy at all.
Their coffee machine is my favourite which is not just able to make coffee but milk and chocolate too. I wish to bring it home. Their drinks are bottomless. So you can drink as much as you like and you can also bring their can drinks or bottled drinks to your room too. Alcohol is served as well but they will control their customers from over drinking to avoid unnecessary disturbance to other patrons. 
They have a private meeting room for patrons to have their urgent meetings here. Advanced booking is required*. They are not TV provided in the room so you can enjoy watching TV in their lounge. There are a total of 3 big screen LED TVs in their lounge. Other than that, they have 2 charging station in the lounge where they include the charging cable too! In case yours is broken or lost. 
Overall, I am absolutely satisfy with the service provided in this transit hotel by Plaza Premium Lounge. Their service, facilities and amenities are truly 5 stars. However, one thing I hope they can improve is to provide a wake up call service at least 1 hour ahead before the guest's flight time. Just in case the guest overslept and missed the flight. This might be an unpleasant experience for the guest if such an incident happens. Currently, they only provide a big screen of the flight information at the lounge. So you have to check yourself periodically. 

If you do not want to stay, you can just choose to use their lounge and enjoy their food and beverages, shower facilities, Wi-Fi, internet workstation, flight information, TV channels, international newspaper and magazines. The charges are vary by hours of usage:

2 hours - RM168nett
5 hours - RM238nett
10 hours - RM258nett

If you just need to use their shower is RM32nett for 30 minutes.
Kids between 3-11 years old will enjoy 30% off from the published rates.
2 years old and below is free.

*Note: Fax, telephone, printing and conference facilities are chargeable separately. They are not inclusive in any of the above packages.

Plaza Premium Lounge
Landside, Level 2M
Next to Food Court
Business Hours: 24 hours daily

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