Kame Sushi, Desa Sri Hartamas

Kame Sushi is opened by a Japanese chef, Mr. Kame. Mr. Kame is a very interesting chef who is not just master with his sushi knife but also very fluent in Malay language too. Anyway, the guy in the picture is not Mr. Kame. He is just his apprentice to serve our Omakase Lunch. 
Their Omakase lunch started from RM150.00++. We chose a slightly better option which is a RM200.00++ package. This is their welcome appetizers which are a cold tofu and anchovy. Not really my favorite for the start. 
9 different types of sashimi with a total of 20 pieces. Accompany with 2 different sauces to accompany with. I personally like the best is the Toro. I never seriously experience how a raw fish meat melt slowly in your mouth and this Toro did it just right. Absolutely delicious! The least I like is the Ebi which is not really sweet and taste not fresh too. Overall, I am pretty disappointed with this plate of sashimi because I am expecting surprises from this famous Kame Sushi in their Sashimi Moriawase but in the end only the Toro did the magic.
Fugu, this is what I ordered extra. Crazy price at RM10.00++/slice but it is really delicious. That is what I am expecting from them but too bad it is not included in their RM200.00++ package. As always, something other than the package will always taste better.
Cod fish which is very delicious if they seriously minus out the oil. Too oily and it is spoiling the taste. I have to remove the fish into a clean plate to clean as much oil I can away from it. Just the oil, otherwise it is perfect! Kampachi @Troika did better than this.
The radish is sweet and tasty. You just have to be careful with the salty paste because it is real salty. Add a little in order to entice the taste but I don't think it is needed because the natural sweet taste is already perfect!
Fried Kaki, I do not know the secret behind it but I have to say it is a brilliant idea to have the live oyster inside the fried skin. You still get to taste the live oyster even though it is fried. It is not too oily too. Best for people who are very afraid of the fishy taste from the live oyster. Actually if the live oyster is fresh, definitely you won't be able to taste any fishy or smelly taste.
Lastly is their sushi nigiri. It is very wise to serve this plate for the last. We already very full when finished up this plate. Overall, it is good except the cuttlefish which is a little too raw and too hard for me to chew and even swallow. I might get choked from it but luckily I did not. Very unfortunately for my friend because she vomited. So if you can imagine what I mean, that is how weird it is taste.
Something for us to leave the restaurant sweetly with their Goma and Matcha ice cream which are very delicious, smooth and full of sesame taste for Goma ice cream.
Overall, I am not really convinced with the great reviews by other people about this restaurant. Maybe because I was served by his apprentice and not Mr. Kame himself? Not sure but one thing for sure is the price I paid does not really get the quality that I have expected. I still prefer Sushi Hinata for Omakase.
Total Damage: RM510.40
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Will I Revisit?: No

Kame Sushi Japanese Restaurant
20, Jalan 31/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 KL
Tel: 03-28587739
Business Hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm; 6.00pm - 10.30pm (Monday off)

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