Paintball @X-treme Park Shah Alam

By looking at these mask, you will probably know that I will be talking about paintball in this post. We went to X-treme Park Shah Alam which has a lot of outdoor activities around. There are rock climbing, skateboarding and paintball. We purchased this activity from Groupon @RM380 for 10 pax and with 200 pallets per pax.
Here are their markers. This side looks newer but they gave us old markers since we are getting this offer from Groupon. Well, it is very common that you won't get the best with a discounted price. Their mask are very unclear because of the scratches and their vest are very smelly because of the sweat.
Anyway, here are the rules for the paintball. If you wish to read, just click the picture above to enlarge it.
They have 2 paintball fields here. The picture above is the large field which can accommodate up to 12 pax.
This is a smaller field which can fit up to 8 pax.
When you are in the field, everyone starts to get serious with the game. You just have to in order to avoid got hit. There are 3 types of gameplay to play here. First is the flag capture where the flag is placed at the center of the field and one of the team has to grab the flag and run back to their own base to win. Second is the elimination which is wiping out all opposition forces. Lastly is the zombie which you will be eliminated only when you are headshot.
With 200 pallets, we managed to play for 3 flag capture, 2 elimination and 1 zombie in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I believe it is not bad at all. Seriously, the most tiring part is playing the flag capture where you have to sprint with all your might to avoid being hit. My stamina on that day was depleted almost completely.
Apart of feeling exhausted, it is normal to have paintball scar like this. Do not worry because it will be gone in around 2-4 days time.
Overall. we are happy and enjoying ourselves even though we are extremely tired. My opinion about their service is the marshal was really lazy and ineffective. The reason for me to say so is the marshal did not really check who got shot and who is not. He was just standing static from far to observe the whole game. About the field here is not that bad but there are better out there. If is not because of the offer from Groupon, I really do not recommend to come here.
Total Damage: RM380.00
Frakout Level: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Recommended?: Only with Groupon offer.

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