Heli Lounge Bar @Menara KH

Malaysia maybe a little too slow by leaving behind by other neighboring countries such as Thailand and Singapore in roof top lounge or pub. However better late than never, I will introduce one of our local roof top lounge which is known as Heli Lounge at Menara KH. Together with my friend, Joyce. We are here trying to see a beautiful sunset within the busy kl city but unfortunately the weather did not give us the chance.
We are placed in their indoor lounge while waiting for the rain to be ended. We can order their drinks and food in indoor lounge. For the roof top area, only snacks will be served instead of main course.
It is at the 34th floor of Menara KH. So it is not very high enough to see a perfect view on our proud Petronas Twin Towers. Too bad they do not allow any kids here to see this great view.
As for the KL Tower, we got the perfect view temporarily. There is an ongoing construction in between this two buildings which you can see the cranes. So in few years time, we might not see full view of KL Tower anymore.
No matter what, it is still a great pleasure to see the great view of KL while having a glass of Red Wine with the cool breeze of air. Please take note that there is no any kind of barrier at this area to prevent you from falling from this roof top. Anyway, you are not allowed to cross the yellow line which is drawn on the Helipad. So it is pretty safe.
The reason this lounge is called Heli Lounge Bar is because this rooftop location is a Helipad. The helipad is still in used during the day.
The air may not be fresh but I like the feeling of lying there and enjoying the busy city view. The feeling is so relaxing and your mind is so empty. I like this experience of pondering the empty sky.
The other buildings that can be seen clearly from here is the Berjaya Times Square. Sorry for not a clear picture on this. Shaky hand.
It is great place to be once a while to chill out from your stressing and heavy workload in the office. Highly recommended this place to everyone but I do believe sooner or later there will be a lot of higher roof top lounge like this in the city. 
Total Damage: RM50.00
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Slow
Will I Revisit?: No but recommended for everyone to visit at least once.

Heli Lounge Bar
34th Floor, Menara KH
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Tel: 03-21105034
Business Hours: 6.00pm - 12.00pm (Mon - Wed); 6.00pm - 2.00am (Thurs); 6.00pm - 3.00am (Fri - Sat); (Sunday off)

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