Thien An Cricket Farm, Dalat

Did I mention in my previous blog post that Dalat is also famous for their cricket farm? If I didn't, let me reemphasize again that Dalat is also famous for their cricket farm.

It is just 10,000vnd per person to take a very short tour of this tiny little farm. It is just about 5 - 10 minutes tour. 
There is no guide unless you understand Vietnamese but there are graphical explanation in English for you to understand more about it.
This picture has just shown you everything that you will see in this farm. Yes, as I have said earlier, it is a very tiny farm. You will be listening to the cricket sound from far.
The lava state.

The teenage stage which is not ready to be eaten yet.

Now this is the fully grown cricket which is fat enough to be eaten.

The fee will include a small tester dish for you to try this tasty gourmet.

Tasty or not. It is very personal. You can judge it from the picture above. In my opinion, I don't like it as I got the feeling of the cricket leg stuck in my throat for hours. No matter how much I drink the water, it just doesn't go away.
If that small plate is not enough for you, try a complete dish. Overall, it is a great challenge for yourself to be here to eat the cricket. I do recommend you to try since it is not far from the Me Linh Coffee Garden.

Ticket Price: 10,000vnd per pax
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes only if you are nearby.
Opening Hours: 7.00am - 6.00pm (daily)


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