10 things to do at Lombok

Lombok is a big island of Indonesia where it has more than 3.4 million population here and most of them are Sasak which is one of the ethnic group from Indonesia. I only stay for 5 days 4 nights at Gili Islands and I can assure you that it is not enough to explore the whole island. It requires at least a month to do so. So my suggestion for you to do at Lombok is not complete but it is good enough for you to have a bigger view on what you would expect from here.
1. Diving

Half of the tourists on this island is to join the diving activity. The most popular dive site is at Gili Islands where you can find a dive center at every 10 meters you walk. The other popular dive sites will be at Sengigi and Kuta. The water is super clear especially during their dry season which is between May - September which is also the peak season here. The marine life is spectacular especially they have full of sea turtles around. If you do not have a diving license, you have just missed the half of fun at Lombok. Side note: Do opt for a night dive. It was an amazing experience for me.

2. Fishing

Enlarge the picture to get the estimation of the fishing trip price here in Lombok. The price is always negotiable. You are not just able to use the fishing rod but you get to experience spearfishing here too! It was really a thrilling adventure.
3. Drink, drank, drunk

Despite Indonesia is a Muslim country, they do produce their own beer too which is known as Bintang and it cost just IDR15,000 only. It is not a bad beer to be honest.

The night life at Lombok is never dull and old especially when you are staying at Gili Trawangan which is one of the island at Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan is well-known for their nightlife. 

4. Take a sunset picture at the swing of The Exile and Ombak Sunset, Gili Trawangan

You might think what is it so great about taking pictures on the swing. If you are thinking the same too, then you are wrong. It is not a hype thing. It is something you must do to proof that you have been to Lombok. So it is an important thing.
Look at the queue! Yes, it was ridiculous standing facing the sun while waiting for your turn. I can assure you that it is worth it. Best of all...it is free so why not?
This is the proof. Too bad the sun was gone by the time it reached us. Well, it is not a bad shot too.
5. Dinner at BBQ Bazaar, Gili Trawangan

The food at Gili Islands is two times more expensive than the mainland Lombok. Average for a complete meal without drinks would cost you IDR90,000. However, if you want to eat their local seafood and you want them cheap, you have to come over to their BBQ Bazaar which is a BBQ hawker center with a lot of stalls selling almost the same thing. It is located just 50 meters from Gili Trawangan jetty. The price is only IDR60,000 for a rice, 4 different kinds of seafood skewers and two vegetables. 
If you still think it is expensive, do wake up early and come over to the jetty to buy Nasi Bungkus (wrapped rice) for just IDR30,000 and you got rice, meat and a vegetable.

6. Get a cooking lesson

If you love Indonesian food such as Chicken Taliwang, Sweet Kelapon and Indonesian Mee Goreng, do not hesitate to join the Sweet & Spicy Cooking School. It is a 4 hours course and it is available at night only. The price starts from IDR385,000. The bigger group you have to join, the more discount you will get. 

7. Pamper yourself with Balinese spa and massage

Your holiday is not complete if you do not try their famous Balinese body massage. After a long holiday at Lombok, you have every right to give yourself a great relaxation experience.
Click on the picture above to enlarge the picture to see the price and the services provided here.

8. Visit Desa Banyumulek at Mataram

This is a traditional pottery with their skills past for several generation. All their potteries are made from clay and each carries their own uniqueness. As you can see from the picture above, the pottery is made from clay but the design and color is made from sand. Their potteries are 100% handmade. 
This pottery is designed using real egg shells. 100% genuine egg shells using man power stick on it one by one. The person who is doing this must have a lot of patience.
A closer look on the egg shells. This is how it is done. Pretty unique isn't it? The price is about IDR1,500,000 and the price is always negotiable.
This is a magic jar which you fill the water from the bottom of the jar instead from the top. I bought a set of this with 5 small cups and a tray which cost me IDR600,000. The water that I drink from this jar is chill and sweet. I am not joking. It must be the clay that is chilling down the water.
9. Visit Patuh Cooperative Traditional Hand Weaving, Sukarara

The moment we step out from our vehicle, there is a beautiful local lady welcomed us and brought us around to see their traditional hand weaving.
She started to explain in English about how it is done but what catching my attention is when she said the female weaver who is dedicated in making this traditional hand weaving is not allowed to marry for life. There is no real reason why there is such a custom but what she said it has been like that for generation. If that is the case, how do they pass on this skill to the next generation?
Surprisingly, for a male weaver, you can get marry. That's very sexist to me.
We are getting a chance to try on how to weave and learn how it works. 
We also get to dress their traditional costumes and had our picture taken at their traditional hut as you can see on the picture above. They have 3 such huts in here with different design and sizes.
Nothing is free in this world so in order to pay them back, you need to buy just one item from them. Any item without any price restriction. I got a bag for my wife which cost me IDR150,000. Oh well, I will treat that as donation.

10. Visit Kuta Beach

Kuta is one of the popular beach in Lombok. The scenery is magnificent with tall mountains, turquoise sea and sandy white beach on it. The annoying part is there are a lot of local vendors here trying to harass you to sell their items such as bracelet, necklace, t-shirt, coconut and many more. There are kids too and they are pretty dude if you decline them.
Not just Kuta Beach, I found that at Gili Islands too have a lot of dead corals on the beach. It is really uncomfortable when you walk along the beach without wearing slippers.
By the way, you can actually hire a car with a driver for just IDR250,000 for 8 hours and let them bring you to the popular places in Lombok. Do tell them in advance that not to bring you to places to shop if you do not plan to shop anything on this island. This road trip is worth it when your flight is at night and you have the whole morning and afternoon vacant.
That's all my experience that I had which I can share with you. I know it is not complete but I hope it is useful somehow and happy holidays at Lombok. You will going to love this place.

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