Bako Korean BBQ & Eateries, Sri Petaling

Bako Korean BBQ & Eateries is another fancy restaurant that occupies the second floor above Pho Vietz. Definitely another F&B outlet that has invested a lot of money in the design to attract customers. This is a Korean restaurant genuinely opened by a Korean owner who is also the master chef of this restaurant.
Unlike any other traditional Korean restaurants, this restaurant does brings out a highly modernized restaurant ambiance in it with Foosball table available for customer to play for free. The restaurant is separated into two section which is smoking and non-smoking area. Either smoking area or non-smoking area, your whole body will definitely tainted with smokey smell either is from the cigarette smoke or from the barbecue smoke.
This is their refillable side dishes that is offer to us. There 8 of them excluding the chili and garlic. The side dishes are not really impressive including the kimchi.
However, their kimchi soup is different. I reckon this kimchi soup is one of the best I have so far. Unfortunately, it is not refillable. By the way, you can choose two types of soup which are this Kimchi Stew (kimchi jigae) or Seafood Tofu Stew (soondubu jigae).
It is cooked under real charcoal fire and let's get started! By the way. the restaurant is quite stuffy and steaming when a lot of tables are started to cook.
As for their menu, they do serve varieties of meat such as beef, pork, chicken and some assorted seafood. If you are a pork lover, you going to love this restaurant because they provide all kinds of pork in their menu which is more than beef. It is really rare to see a Korean restaurant to focus on the pork meat more than beef meat because pork is cheaper than beef and it shows the class of a restaurant when pork is more than beef.
Anyway, I am here for the food and what class is it does not matter to me. So I will explain more about their pork meat. They offer 6 types of pork meat and which are:
  1. Prime Rib @RM38.80++ - Daily fresh pork rib & pork belly marinated with homemade soy sauce for 5 hours
  2. Jowl Meat @RM38.80++ - Special selected by their chef and imported from Spain with perfect cut & thickness.
  3. Special Skirt Meat @RM38.80++ - Special selected daily fresh pork skirt with perfect cut. Skirt meat also known as tenderloin.
  4. Premium Pork Belly @RM35.80++ - Special selected by their chef and imported from Spain with perfect cut & thickness.
  5. Marinated Premium Pork Belly @RM38.80++ - Imported pork belly marinated with secret recipe red sauce for 5 hours.
  6. Special Neck Meat @RM35.80++ - Imported from Spain with perfect cut & thickness.
Their lettuce is horrible. It still can tastes chemical stuff in it. I am not sure if they forgot to wash them on that day or everyday is like this.
Almost all the waiters in here are Bangladeshi as if you are dining in a Bangladeshi restaurant instead of Korean restaurant. This is what happened to almost all our F&B outlets either in Malaysia or Singapore. However, you will not see that in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia if comparing with other South East Asia countries. It is not really that bad to hire cheap labor workers but it is bad when they cannot provide the top class service to the customer. I had a really bad experience in this restaurant. Look at all the table and every each table got a waiter to cook and serve them, when I asked for someone to cook for us, we got told off by one of the waiter by saying that they are all busy and no one can cook for us so we have to cook ourselves. This is the most horrible way to treat your customer. One thing about judging the barbecue meat of a Korean restaurant is 50% on the marinated meat and 50% on the cooking skill. If you let your customers to cook by them selves, that means the customer unable to cook to the way it suppose to be like and this restaurant has failed to deliver to us what their food really taste like.
Anyway, I just use the best skill that I have to cook the meat. By the way, we order a BBQ premium set @RM188.80++ which consists of large portion of premium pork belly, special neck meat, prime rib, choices of soup & refillable Korean traditional side dishes. You will also get extra 2 type of special selected pork, skirt meat and jowl meat in medium portion.
Recommended to go with their signature sauces (starts from the right) Korean sweet sauce, sea-salted sesame oil with pepper or homemade red bean sauce. My personal favourite is the Korean sweet sauce.
Honeydew soju @RM45.80++ - They do have another option which is watermelon. As for this honeydew, it is not sweet so the rice wine is well covered the whole taste of this drink. It stated can be share among 2-4 pax. I am not sure the size of the watermelon one but for this honeydew is definitely fit for 2 pax only.
Bibimbap Bingsu @RM26.80++ - This is the most hit dessert in Korea right now and the price didn't come cheap at all. My best friend, Ms. Ann Jee who just came back from her honeymoon at Korea told me that she spent more than RM70.00 for this dessert at Korea. To be honest, this dessert is just assorted fruits with red bean paste, cornflakes and a scoop of ice cream in a finely shaved ice. So you can start comparing with our local all time favorite ABC (Air Batu Campur) now. Easily you can order 10 bowls of ABC while this portion is just good for 2 pax only. Another over rated dessert on the trend right now. Thanks to Korean drama.
Their barbecue meat is undeniably good and delicious. They are all really well marinated as what it has written in their menu. However, the service is very bad, lettuce is not well wash, bad air ventilation in the restaurant and the price is not cheap at all. In my opinion, with their fancy decoration and design will able to attract patron to dine in just one time only but will never get many loyal customers unless they started to do something about their problems.
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 1/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Will I Revisit?: No and not recommended

Bako Korean BBQ & Eateries
No.2, (1st floor) Jalan Radin Bagus 7, 
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling 
Petaling Jaya 57000 
Tel: 03-9054 5388
Business Hours: 12.00pm - 3.00pm; 5.00pm - 11.00pm (closed on Monday)

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