Getting to Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island is a very small island which is located at the north of Cebu. It is a dream location for an avid divers who are fond of larger sea creatures such as Thresher Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks and Manta Ray,  Getting to Malapascua Island may be tricky but most of the resorts that you book at Malapascua will have airport transfer service straight to your resort which will cost not exceeding PHP5000/pax/way. If you are arriving late, additional PHP500/pax will be added on. This kind of price tag for me is way too expensive. So I chose the adventurous way. Do read on if you are having the same mindset too!
First of all, if your flight reached Cebu airport before 12.00pm, you will be able to make it to the Malapascua Island on the same day. Otherwise, you would have to stay in a guesthouse at Maya Port for a night which may cost you from PHP500 onwards. However, my recommendation is to overnight at Cebu and take a half day tour around the Cebu city before you leave on the next day before 12.00pm from Cebu North Bus Terminal. It is much more exciting than the boring Maya Port.

If you are reaching here before 12.00pm, head towards the White Taxi Stand to take a taxi to the Cebu North Bus Terminal. There is no other way to the bus station but the taxi. On the way to the taxi stand, you might be offered with an alternative way to the bus station @PHP398/pax. DO NOT TAKE IT! You don't need that much to get there even you may stuck in their crazy traffic. Their traffic starts between 7.00am - 9.00am and 3.00pm - 5.00pm.
Once you have reached the taxi stand, don't let the long queue on the right side scares you. It is because the white color taxi is cheaper than the yellow color taxi on the left side. If you do not want to wait, just head on to the yellow taxi which cost you PHP70 the moment they started the meter. While the white taxi is only PHP40. I always choose the economy one because while lining up, I will try to ask around the locals or tourists if they are heading to the same destination so we could car pool together to share the cost. Nobody will say no to that especially a tourist. From there, you will save a lot for your taxi fare. 
The ride might takes up to 1 hour during the peak hour or the fastest will only take about 30 minutes. The ride is only cost less than PHP200 even during the peak hour. If you are able to get people to car pool for a maximum of 4 persons, it is only PHP50/pax! Smart eh?
Here is the Cebu North Bus Terminal. There are quite a few bus companies heading to Maya Port. My pick is the Ceres Liner because they are bigger company with more buses than others. They depart every 30 minutes. For non air-conditioner bus, the price is PHP163/pax and for air-conditioner bus is PHP190/pax. An air-condtioner is nicer because the air is very polluted in Cebu. My tissue was black color when I wiped my face. That's really horrible. Despite that, it is a great way to see the locals and their scenery throughout the long journey. Nonetheless, a memorable one.
The bus takes about 4 hours to reach Maya Port. Some other tourists got them 6 hours to reach. Sometimes I would say it is about luck. Some bus drivers willing to stop every bus stand but some just don't. Anyway, if you got here after 6pm, there will be no more boat to Malapascua. However, you can choose for a boat charter which cost PHP1500 per boat. That's their starting price. Some willing to go even it is PHP1000. Just some negotiation works to do.
At Maya port, there is a new port and old port here. Do not trust the local by bringing you to the new port. It is lesser people there because it is still new. 
This is the new port. Well, doesn't looks like new anyway. Just another shabby looking port for me.
This is the old port where you will see more people and a lot of public transports waiting for passengers coming from Malapascua Island. The boat started their service as early as 7.00am. The boat fare is PHP100/pax/way. They will usually wait until the boat is full before they depart.
They do provide porter fee which starts from PHP20/bag. The journey takes up to 1 hour to reach Malapascua Island. During high tide, you will need to pay extra PHP20 for a small boat to transfer you to the beach, You may need to get a motorbike to your resort if your resort is faraway. It is PHP20/pax. So total cost for you to travel all the way by yourself adventurously is not more than PHP550 per pax compare with the own airport transfer service by the resort itself which is cost PHP5000. You just saved 10 times more.
Thresher Cove Resort is where I stayed throughout my adventurous trip. This resort is located away from other resort and also away from the famous beach which is known as Bounty Beach. So this resort will seems to be rather quiet at night. However, I have to credit to them because I really enjoy my stay throughout my holiday. Despite their private pool and their private beach. The service is really tip top! Every single staff working there are serving with their heart. That's what I like about the place.
I stayed in their dormitory room which just cost me PHP400/day. It is an air-conditioned room but without hot shower. Their bed is a little too soft but it is ok as long they will clean the room and the washroom everyday. Their dormitory are mixed male and female. They do not have a dormitory dedicated for the females. I just have one note to my readers, if you know yourself who always snore during your sleep, please do not stay in a dormitory room. Be considerate and do not be a selfish backpacker.
Everything in Malapascua Island is priced reasonably except their food. Freaking expensive. Basically their main course starts from PHP140 onwards. As what you can see is their backpacker's menu which has been minimize the size. However, the quality of their food is really tip top! Almost as good as a five stars restaurant. Anything you order from here is heavenly delicious. Especially their pizza! I am craving for it when I am writing this blog. They are just so good which you shouldn't miss it at all.
Who doesn't like a bottle of beer during their trip? In Philippines, they only serve their own beer which is the San Miguel and Tanduay. Do not try to hunt any other beer such as Heineken or Carlsberg. You won't find them here. Their local beer is really good too! Personally, I would choose San Miguel rather than Heineken if I got the choice.
This is their road condition after the Typhoon Yolanda destroyed more than 90% of this island in 2013. The good thing is no fatality recorded on this island despite a recorded of more than 6000 death and more than 1000 are still missing elsewhere. You may rent a motorbike to travel around the island. However, I do not recommend you to do that because the sandy road is very dangerous for motorbikes. Anyway, you really do not have to do that because it only takes a maximum of 2 hours to travel this whole tiny island by foot. Take it as an island trekking adventure for you.
That's all the general info about Malapascua Island. In the next post, I will be sharing things to do in Malapascua Island. Of course, including my awesome diving trip with Thresher Sharks. So stay tuned,


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