Restoran Orchard View Yong Tau Foo, Ampang New Village

Ampang is famous with their Yong Tau Foo so a lot of restaurant using this existed name to open a lot of Yong Tau Foo restaurant. Just along this small road of Jalan Merdeka already have 3 Yong Tau Foo restaurants next to each other. I wanted to go to the famous Foong Foong Restaurant but unfortunately they were closed on the Mooncake Festival. In the end I have to settle my Yong Tau Foo indulgence with this Restoran Orchard View Yong Tau Foo. It was a very disappointing one. So I will just run through quickly about it.
Their dumplings is big but too salty. Spoiling my appetite and wasting my time when I have to use hot water to rinse it.
Another thing I dislike was the waitress whom keep pushing me to order their Steam Salted Chicken which she claimed that is their restaurant's signature. So in the end, I just ordered it to see how good is their signature dish. I am expecting a good Steam Salted Chicken should be something which is salty enough to bring out the chicken fragrance in it. However, I only taste nothing else but saltiness in it.
Their Yong Tau Foo is the only thing which is acceptable but still do not consider as delicious because the meat is easily come out which is not consider a good Yong Tau Foo.
Total Damage: RM50.90
Ambiance: 2/5
Taste: 2/5
Price: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Will I Revisit?: No

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