Kuala Kubu Bahru White Water Rafting

White water rafting is always one of my favourite adventure. I enjoyed the rapid water and the adrenaline rush just like riding a roller coaster. It may not able to do 360 degrees turn but it can do a thrilling 180 degrees turn which is scary enough.
I have been to Sungai Padas (Grade III-IV), Kiulu River (Grade I-II), Sungkai River (Grade I-II), Kamper River (Grade I-III) and this is the Selangor River which is located at Kuala Kubu Baru or better known as KKB. KKB white water rafting is rated as Grade III-IV. 

There is a water dam which is called Empangan Sungai Selangor. This trip is only available when this dam releases its water. Otherwise this river is too shallow for rafting. In another words, it is seasonal. There is no specific month on when they will release their water. However, it is highly likely they will do so when Selangor state is running low on water supply. The best is you ask your tour operator about it before you arrange for the trip.

It needs a minimum of 10 pax for the tour operator to start the trip. If you have lesser than that, you need to pay for the extras. It is RM180/pax inclusive lunch, equipment, drinking water and transit to the starting point. 
We have to meet at their meeting point as early as 9.00am to park our car at the ending point and then we will take their transit which is by sitting at the back of their truck to the starting point. So no breakfast will be given so do have your breakfast before you arrive.
I have to warn you here that if you have not experience white water rafting, it is best do not try KKB white water rafting first. There is some amount of risk where you will get hurt. However, if there is no risk, there is no fun. So you decide it for yourself.

I have to stress this very seriously which do not bring sandal or strap sandal for this trip. You will lose it the moment you fall into the river. If you your bringing shoes, make sure you tight it very tightly. In this trip, there were 3 shoes lost into the rapid.
The rapid is so strong which your drybag doesn't even work at all. Even my drybag is filled with water after the trip. So it is strongly recommended that you do not bring your handphone and wallet together with you during rafting. Just hand it over to the tour operator and they will keep it safe for you. Don't worry. It is safe with them.
The total trip will takes about 4-5 hours. The lesser raft the faster it will finished because they are making a lot of stops just to make sure all the rafts safely go through the rapid. If the raft is going down non-stop, it should be finished within 2 hours.
If you are asking me if this is really worth it? Just look at them. Absolutely! I can assure you that this is the best white rafting location than any other location that is offered in Malaysia which I have been to. I havenot go to Gerik which is a Grade V yet so maybe I would rate again.

The greatest joy is when the raft is toppled. Usually it is intentional and done by them to maximize the fun. One thing that is unique in this trip is you get to jump into the river and slide it down through the rapid. You will see that in my video below. There is only one section which is safe to do this.

Another unique part of this trip is there is a mini water fall which is so cold and refreshing to be at. Caution: The waterfall is very strong and the rock is extremely slippery. At the ending point, there is a bathroom separated for male and female where you can take a bath and change to a clean clothes. Lunch is not packed lunch. Tour operator will bring you to a food stall to have your late lunch.
Overall, everyone enjoyed their experience here. If this location is your first time to experience white water rafting, I can assure you that other white water rafting location will no longer give you the thrilling fun. Anyway, do enjoy my video below and hope you will have a great trip like us too.

Total Damage: RM180.00/pax
Service: 3/5
Recommended?: Highly recommended
Freakout Level: 4/5
Tour Operator Contact: 017-2151409 (Outworld Expedition)

Things to bring
1) Good and tight shoes
2) A set of dry clothes
3) Sun screen to protect your skin against UV light

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