The Sunset and the Sunrise, Koh Lipe

What is the most enjoyable thing to do in this island is to capture their sunrise and sunset. There are 3 beaches in Koh Lipe which are called Sunrise Beach , Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach. You should know where to get the sunrise and sunset by now.
Sunrise is the hardest view to capture for me because I need to wake up the way, this is not me of course. LOL
Waking up early because not sure what time I might see the sun. So I woke up at 5.00am. LOL. Actually 6.30am is the right time.
So taking some pictures around while waiting for 90 minutes because I am reluctant to hit back to bed because I might oversleep.
Oh, no that's what I hate the next about watching sunrise is the cloud. Today, it will be too much cloud which will cover most of the sun.
As expected, the sun peeking itself towards the thick cloud.
Well, will still be getting a great view out of it! Not a bad sunrise at all. 
That's the whole sun to see in this morning.
I would like to jump in for a morning swim too. At least the sun is not too hot to make you dark. Well, perhaps another time.
If you are patient enough, you might able to capture jumping fishes in such scenery. Totally beautiful. However, I exhausted more than 2 hours by the beach so I don't think I am able to stay alert for those jumping fishes.
After sunrise, another 12 hours will be the sunset. Nice to see our national flower, Hibiscus here.
I stayed at Sunrise Beach so I need to take a 20 minutes slow walk to the Sunset Beach.
Going through the local villages and spotted a tsunami evacuation point in this island. Koh Lipe is a very small island. If there is really a tsunami here, I wonder if the evacuation point really can help.
The Sunset Beach is just at the end of this road. I reached there at 6.30pm and it was just nice for a sunset view.
Here we are...the Sunset Beach.
Wow! Just nice! We are there at the perfect timing. Not clouds to disturb the view. Superb.
Just a few shots around this beach.
That's a large yacht sitting by the beach. Due to low season, most of the restaurants and chalets are closed. Especially in this side of the beach. So it is pretty quiet here.
Porn resort??? Seriously? What to expect here?
I still love the sunset rather than sunrise because, the sun is more beautiful to me during the sunset.
Yeah! Let's do the leap of joy here!
Sunset happens very fast. With less than 15 minutes, the sun is almost completely gone.
As for me, it is time for me to sleep since I woke up so darn early today..urghhh. And once again, I am not the dog. LOL.

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