Diving at Koh Lipe

During the low season, if you signed up for a diving trip with Forra Dive Center, you will get a free night stay at their Forra Bamboo Resort. This wealthy Frenchman has his resorts in all 3 beaches which are Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach. They charged 1200 baht/dive. For 3 dives, it will be 3000 baht.
Had the first dive at Yong Hua Wreck which is a big cargo ship sank in the 90s. The visibility is really bad because I dive at the wrong day. Always try to avoid the a week before and after a full moon. 
Not just extremely poor visibility but also has very strong current as well! However, the most amazing part from this dive is a 40 meter dive experience. This was my first time to dive this deep. Not easy at all especially under poor visibility and strong current. I do not want to get lost in the middle of no where.
My highly expected wreck dive ended up very poorly. I unable to see any special fish except Lionfish.
Had my second dive at Ko Tarhu. Not a fascinating place but I was here because one of the divers is taking the Discover Scuba Diver (DSD) course. I really hate to join this kind of group. Prefer to join Advanced Open Water (AOW) group only.
Saw an amazingly huge Sea Urchin. Actually I am still struggle if it is a starfish or sea urchin.
We will have nemo fish to stay in this coral after it is opened for stay. 
The corals here are amazing but not much fishes to see because of the current. Most likely the fishes are hiding some where under the rock.
This coral is something new to me. It is a very hard coral.
All I can do is to capture corals that I never seen before.
Luckily a Lionfish appeared for me to get some shot on it.
Due to over boring and nothing to do, so I took a lot of photos on the Titan Triggerfish and I got attacked in the end like this. Well, luckily I got my tank banger which I treated it as my weapon to stab that idiot fish. Well, I am lucky enough not getting a bite from that stinky fish.
My third dive is at Stone Henge. It is a pinnacle in the middle of the sea. If you are lucky, you might see leopard shark but I am not.
What I got to see is common porcupine fish...
and a huge Giant Moray Eel.
Tigertail Seahorse can be found here too. 
Okay, what we want to cook with these shrimps here? Steamed shrimps is always the best choice.
A big finding for me is my favorite Emperor Fish (juvenile). Lonely fish hiding under the strong current.
What are you looking at, boy...?
Anglerfish a.k.a frogfish spotted! As silly as always!
What I love about this place is not just the variety of fishes but it is the beautiful and colorful corals here!
The photos here are quite milky but during my dive, this place is awesome! It is like a colorful garden!
They grow on the pinnacles too. It was an amazing scenery to me.
One final glance before I wrapping up the whole diving trip.
Overall, I find this diving trip is not very satisfying. Apart of the current and visibility issue, the service provided by Forra Dive Center was really below average. Anthony was the owner and also the dive master for me throughout that day. The way he took us around was like rushing us. Make us hurry and diving without real direction of where he planned to head to. It was not only me who complained about that, my other dive buddies too! We were surprised that he is doing this business for so many years but provide such an unprofessional service. However, without a doubt their price is very competitive.
This is the Stone Henge. There are other dive sites which are worth to dive as well which are 7 rocks, Sail Rocks and 8 Mile Rocks. You can expect Manta Ray and Whale Shark! I will definitely be back!
Total Damage: 3000 baht
Price: 4/5
Service: 1/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes for Koh Lipe but not for the dive center.

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