Dive and Stay @Pulau Mabul

Here I am back again to Pulau Mabul after 3 years, a place where I was born to be a submarine boy a.k.a diver, Uncle Chang. This is the link to Uncle Chang from 3 years ago. Many things have changed in this 3 years...undeniably, myself too. And so did Uncle Chang. Let's see their changes...
Their chalet has gotten bigger and more beautiful...In conclusion, his business got bigger.
New diving center and also the docking point. Far away from the original ones because was hit by a horrible storm. He is lucky to got away with minor diving equipment lost. They are going to move back to the original diving center once the renovation completed which I believe by now it should be done.
New chalets facing the sunset. It is a beautiful scenery to stay in but the sun has made every single chalets here like a microwave. Especially when they still cutting out power supply from 8.00am - 5.00pm. 
Now, a very long walk from the dive center to the gathering place.
The gathering place does not have the same aura that I had last time. With free wi-fi, everyone started to more gadgets interaction instead of human interaction. The worst part is no more liveband. This is something Uncle Chang need to work it out because that is the beauty of his place. He cannot simply removed it.
No more place for sun bathing...so pathetically they are doing them here.
The food is still the same delicious ones!
Something extra now is the local fishermen will row by with their boat like this to sell their catching.
RM20 for this...not bad eh? Some fishermen are selling quite expensive so you need to negotiate with them.
RM15.00 for the in-house chef to cook for you like this. Choose any cooking style you prefer and my best recommendation is their buttered style.
They are filling up all the diving tanks themselves here.
That's the machine to pump the air in so that we can breath underwater. Amazing!
Another thing different is there are kids with a small boat like this likes to get photo shoot by the tourist and some even get free food in return.
Under heavy rain, these sisters were closing by with the tourist from China to get free food.
Quite a pathetic scene to see...but they are enjoying it.
So let's follow me for a tour to the heart of Pulau Mabul.
There are almost over hundreds local staying here equipped with police station except hospital and fire station.
New restaurant which served Italian food so here is a new alternative if you are sick of Asian food and hoping for western style food. The price is quite expensive.
3 years ago, this place is like a huge rubbish dump site with TV, refrigerator, mattress and so on. Now it has become a new jetty for the new chalet.
This platform is a dive center and you can stay on the platform too!
The locals and tourists playing together. They seems to get along pretty well. 
All I can say is the locals are not just friendly but photogenic!
Okok...don't fight to pose. My lens can fit everyone in it.
This is where the local is staying.
This is the local's main transportation. Their boats are very unique and creative.
Another jetty...good to know the dump site is gone.
A grocery store in the resident. You will see no price tag because the rate is different between tourist and the local.
There are plenty of souvenir stalls in this little village for the tourists to get some back as remembrance.
Or...taking picture with them like this...HAHA!
A lot of chalet on the water in this islands already and the price is crazy high. I am still prefer Uncle Chang where its price starts RM70/pax...yes, their price is increased as well.
Maybe when I am freaking rich, I might want to stay there.
YAY!!! Let's dream about it tonight!!!
Had a my second night dive here at Mabul Island. I am still not get used with night dives yet. Urgh... I need to obtain more experience.
Spanish dancer, a type of nudibranch...my divemaster, Santhi said it is rare to see. It looks like woman's used pad for me.
Crocodile fish...even submerged at night. I wonder when they will be moving.
Prawn...anyone wants a prawn for tonight's dinner?
With flash, their body no longer transparent.
This is the island at Semporna. There are so many islands here which I wish to make 3 dives in every each island. 
Nonetheless, this place is still a very naughty place to me. Makes me feel happy when I am there and extremely sad when I missing all of them.
The Dive Package at Uncle Chang is as followed:

2 Dives Mabul + 1 Dive Kapalai = RM260.00
1 Dive Mabul + 1 Dive Kapalai = RM220.00
1 Mabul Night Dive = RM100
Snorkeling at Mabul = Free
Snorkeling at Kapalai = RM30.00
* All rates include equipment.

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