Ta Fatt Trading Co. @Sibu

The story of Kong Piah continues and this time I bringing you to the wholesaler of Kong Piah which is known as Ta Fatt Trading Co. As you can see from the picture, this is the Kong Piah before it is filled with minced pork.
We reached there at 11.00am but too bad that they left the salty type of Kong Piah. They sold out another Kong Piah which comes with Kaya taste. No luck...:(
Oh ya, they does not sell Kong Piah with minced meat. They sell original taste with empty fillings. The minced meat is usually done by the stall such as like what you saw in my previous post at Sing Ming Kee Cafe. alright, let's move on to the making of Kong Piah.
The red color shirt is the master of this great original Kong Piah taste. While the blue color shirt is his disciple. Both of them are very young. The master said he made the most original Kong Piah in Sibu and no one can ever make the taste near his. Wow...what a confident claim!
His hands are so quick and as you can see all are made by his hands and there are in equal size. Truly the master!
Within seconds, he made this much which seems to look so easy. He said he easily sell off at least 100,000 pieces a day.
After that, he needs to stick all those prepared raw Kong Piah into this traditional oven which is much alike which you saw a Mamak stall that sells Roti Naan. They usually have the clay stove in front of their stall. It is exactly the same. The master said, he needs to stick onto the wall inside the stove within 10 minutes or else the Kong Piah will not taste similar with each other. He added that this skill is not easily learned and you might easily burn your hand on the stove if you do not have good skill and concentration. I have to agree what he said as I can feel the great heat coming out from the stove.
This is the shop which is more like a small biscuit factory. Each piece is selling at RM0.40 since it has no filling in it.
Business Hours: 7.00am - 3.00pm (or earlier if they finished their raw material)

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