Damai Beach, Santubong

I have been to Sabah and Sarawak so I have a conclusion that the sun at these places are freaking hot! I mean really hot until you feel the burning sensation on your skin which you will cry for pain. Yes, that is how hot the weather is at Sabah and Sarawak. Truly different than what I always have in West Malaysia. So when we travel to their most beautiful beach at Kuching which is known as Damai Beach, we only able to take some photos instead of swimming there.

The sea here are just marvelous. It is so clean and clear which you wish to jump inside the sea without any doubt. After second thought about the fierce and cruel sun, we better don't risk it.
At the back, we have Gunung Santubong. This nature landscape is just truly marvelous. It is a splendid and ideal place for relaxation if the sun would be kind to us here.
There are some sea activities here such as banana boat, canoeing and island hopping if you want to. The price are quite high so probably you prefer to just swim at their beach for free.
A short advice to travelers at Kuching. For an economical journey in Kuching, you are highly advised to rent a car. A Perodua Kancil cost RM70/day which is the cheapest you can get and this car is very fuel efficiency. For a more comfortable travel, you can get a Perodua Myvi at RM100 - RM120/day (depends on the transmission). Of course, if you are coming in a big family, you can get a Toyota Vios or a Hyundai Matrix at RM150 - RM200/day. Google them and it is easily can be found. This is what we called a smart travelling. P.S: Don't ask me about Toyota Alphard or Honda Accord. It is just Kuching, you do not really need those type of cars.

For those who dislike to carry a GPS around while driving, hire a car with driver cum tour guide which they usually will service for you at 8 hours/day. The rates are vary which highly depends on the vehicle you choose and also your negotiation skill with the person. Basically as for your reference, it is started at RM250/day for 8 hours. Additional hours will be charged separately.

Getting a taxi is the last resort because I hardly see a taxi around like KL.

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