Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown in Singapore is similar with Petaling Street in Malaysia. The big difference which is easily see through your eyes is the cleanliness. The roads at Chinatown, Singapore is less dirty and you feel comfortable to walk along the road and sightseeing the stalls around it. The reason is simple because the law enforcement here is very strict and rigid. You will received a summon immediately if you were caught littering.

Other difference is not as noisy as Petaling Street where the sellers screaming loud to get your attention to look at their items. Last thing will be the buildings around Chinatown is well preserved. The local government made a great effort in maintaining the buildings to make sure to restore the old Chinatown environment that is used to know. While at Petaling Street, you can see only old dirty buildings around it which now the government planned to demolish them to build other construction there. The locals reacted seriously against such plan but how long can they stand against a government fortified decision? No one knows. Anyway, as for now...let's enjoy the photos of Chinatown in Singapore.

Road to the grand Chinatown
Not as many people as I thought to be even though it is on the weekends. Lots of S$1 stuff there which you can purchase as souvenir to bring back to your own country. Honestly, those stuffs can be easily available at Malaysia as well. It is shown that our Chinese culture in Malaysia and Singapore are almost the same.
As you can see the buildings here are nicely painted.
There is this temple which my friend said is under renovation. Otherwise, it will be a good place to visit. Okay, I will take note on this.
This road is all about food. As you can see the hawker stalls on the left and restaurants on the right.
Our Chinese culture is just love to eat at the hawker stalls where we can order lots of different from other stalls to our tables which a restaurant is not allowed any outside food. The best part is the place is quite clean and unlike at Petaling Street where you can see cockroaches and big fat rats running around. Urgh..disgusting! 
Another buildings which is nicely painted. All shops around Chinatown are well maintained like this. It is indeed a fine tourist spot!

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