City Square Shooting Gallery @Menara TKSS, Segambut

I have been always wanted to get hold of a real gun and shoot like James Bond, Neo in Matrix and Max Payne. I have invited my buddy, Suyin who is very interested in it as well to accompany me. Thanks to ILoveDiscounts, this dream is no longer a dream and it is made possible and affordable to everyone. The link of the deal as follows:

Before we attend, we are required to submit our passport photo, photocopy of our IC and filling up their Vetting form. The documents are required for a background check to eliminate those who has criminal record especially related to gun. 14 working days are required to run the check. After that, it is compulsory to attend their briefing which is lasting at most 2 hours to learn and understand the safety rules. At the same time, to learn the basic techniques in shooting. Since this is a real gun and it is not a gun we are playing in a fun fair, we must adhere to their strict rules not just for protecting people around you but yourself as well. Honestly, when you are handling a gun, no joke and playing around with it like a toy. Extremely dangerous!

We are given 3 rounds with 10 bullets each round but the last round is 5 bullets. The distance of each round is at the range of 5 meters, 10 meters and 13 meters. However, my below explanations will be based on one round of fire with 10 bullets only. We are using a Glock 19 handgun which can carry 19 rounds of bullets inclusive one live round.

Looks like she is more than ready and let's see how she is doing.
A total of 4 booths inside this firing range.
Get our ear cover ready and also our eye goggles. Eye goggles is to protect the empty shell cartridges bounce back onto your eyes. While for the ear cover is essential to soften the sound of the fire. Honestly, I got startled when the first round is fired. I never know that with the ear cover still can be that loud! The instructor dare us if we wanted to turn our ear deaf for few minutes by removing the ear cover. For me, "no way"!
Even after our briefing has already taught us the basic techniques, the instructor will remind us once again. It is normal to forget the instruction when you are getting excited with things like this.
The instructor moved her left palm lower to avoid her hurting herself later. However, she seems not to care...since photo shooting is her favorite anyway! =p
We are required to bend our knees a little to avoid the inertia force from the gun. I do hate bending the knees because it is already very tiring when you have to straighten your hands at your eyes level and concentrating in aiming. 
This is a good example of me still holding the gun straight after shooting. But...incoming shell casing! Protect my lens! LOL. Anyway, I only managed to hold that stance for the first round. After that, I am too tired to maintain such position anymore. You may think 25 bullets is so little and you will finished it in few seconds. Sorry to say, it is not true. We are beginners and in order to get every shot right, aiming has already taken 50% of our strength away not inclusive holding the gun so straight at eyes level. Believe it or not, we sweat a lot every each round even in an air-conditioned room.
I unable to capture the flare from the nozzle because it is just too fast! However, you can somehow see the dust alike coming out from the nozzle.
Alright! Looks like you have emptied your 10 bullets.
Look at those cartridges bouncing everywhere. It hit my goggles twice and my hair as well. Pretty annoying and they just bouncing so randomly. I forgot to bring back home cartridge casing as souvenir. So sad. However, we are not allowed to pick up those cartridges after fire because it is so hot! You wouldn't want your skin to end up on it.
Ok, Time for marking! Not bad for her got at least one hit on the center.
After the instruction marking and acknowledging, it is my turn to sign!
She got 65% hit ratio which is not bad at all for her! 
Let's end our exciting shooting activity with a duet photo. I really highly suggest everyone to try this because it is a great experience which can last you for a lifetime. What is even greater is when you understand how the guns work instead being fool by the flashy movies. One more thing is you shouldn't care so much how many bullets the package comes with because even my friend here does not want to shoot anymore after the first 10 bullets. Anyway, she was cooperative enough to finished all thou. You may add the bullets after when you think 25 bullets is not enough for you.
Total Damage: RM210.00
Service: 4/5
Freakout Level: 5/5
Will I Revisit?: Sure! And highly recommended!

City Square Shooting Gallery
9th Floor, Menara TKSS,
206, Jalan Segambut,
51200 KL
Tel: 03-62578975
Business Hours: 11.00am - 8.00pm (daily); 2.30pm - 8.00pm (Sunday) - Closed on Tuesday

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