Scooter Ride, Port Dickson

At first, we supposed to ride a scrambler but scrambler is no longer available so we have no choice but to choose a scooter ride. This is a ride which required good sense of balance. Those who ride a bike before maybe able to ride on this steadily. However, the curve is quite sharp which you must make sure you make a good angle to turn. Other than that will be please make sure your legs is on the scooter at all times or else an accident definitely will happened.

This ride is cost at RM20/pax for one lap only. I have taken 3 laps for this.

Off I go~~~
This is an easy turn and I should be able to make it.
Once again, as you can see I am without a helmet. They really care less about customer's safety.
Total Damage: RM60.00
Freakout: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Will I Revisit?: No, not worth it.

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