i-City @Shah Alam

In a country which has a winter season, you may enjoy a lot of structures and models that are made in ice and snow. However for a country like Malaysia, we do not have such thing so what we can do is creating these structures and models by using light. So i-City has been created. This MSC status location has the whole place decorated with animals, trees, dinosaur, houses and etc with beautiful lights! The entrance fee is RM15/car. Other attractions which are mini zoo (RM12/pax), arcade, snow house (RM28/pax) and etc.

Please do enjoy some of my pictures below:

A peacock
Close shot on the trees
Colorful tree
Christmas Tree
Cherry tree
Close shot on the cherries
What does this look to you?
A castle!!!
In my opinion, I do not like this place at all and I do not recommend anyone to visit this place. Reasons:

HEAT: Light creates heat. When a lot of lights like these, you can imagine how massive is the heat generated. We are already in a hot country, I wonder who else that stupid enough to get yourself even hotter in such a place.

WASTAGE: Dear government, do you mind to tell me how much electricity bill is every month generated by this place? Every year government wanted to increase our electricity bill. Shouldn't you start by cut of this place so that you do not need to increase our bill? The lights started to light up for 10 hours everyday.

MAINTENANCE: There are many lights not functoning anymore. Shouldn't be someone making sure of that everyday since you are still collecting RM15/car everyday? 100 cars per day already brings you at least RM15,000 to spend. Not enough? Do something about it okay? Thanks!

My conclusion is do not visit this place even there is nothing better to do at Shah Alam. 

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