Gabai Falls, Hulu Langat

One of the great waterfall which you can enjoy near KL will be Gabai Falls. It is located at near Kampung Gabai at Hulu Langat. There is small road which is not available in Google Map which will lead you to the waterfall. If you cannot find the road, please do ask the locals at the roadside selling local fruits or kuih-muih. There is an entrance fee of RM3.00 per entry. This fee will be used to make sure the cleanliness of the waterfall and the facilities such as toilet.

This is the first waterfall site you will see. Very high right? Normally locals will take their bath in this site.
Here is the second site which you need to walk up the man made stairs for 5 minutes.
Lesser crowd here if to compare with the first site.
Since is lesser crowd so we can do whatever we want here together with my buddy.
Not picture taken because the weather gave us more water from the sky. Heavy rains with thunder suddenly pouring towards us without any signs. No place for us to shelter and we were all complete wet. I unable to cover myself under the trees for long, not just because it is not right to stand under the trees in a thunderstorm situation but my camera bag is all wet. I can't risk my RM10k just like that. So I and my buddy have no choice but to race down the place to my car. Luckily my car has a lot of spare clothes, for those who knows my car should know what I mean. Hehe...With those spare clothes, we get ourselves to change so that we will not catch any cold.

Overall experience was great! We wish we had more time at that time. None of us can predict that from happening. Well, I always have my great moments with my buddy. Hopefully my buddy read this and will call me out for our next expedition ya!? Hehee...

Total Damage: RM3.00 (excluding toll and fuel charges)
Cleanliness: 4/5
Will I revisit?: Yes

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