Malaysia IX VS Chelsea (Friendly Match), Bukit Jalil Stadium

After their training on last Tuesday, we are very anticipated and have very high expectation on this upcoming match between Malaysia XI VS Chelsea at the same stadium. After 4-0 trashing by Arsenal and 6-3 by Liverpool. Everyone is expecting higher scoring result from this match as well. So everyone is willing to go through crazy jam for more than 2 hours for it.

We purchased a RM108/pax entrance fee to get a better seat for ourselves. We are kind of regret and we wished we had just spend only RM68/pax entrance fee instead.
Alright! That's the match we are waiting for!
John Obi Mikel, John Terry and Didier Drogba were having fun recording each other and the crowd.
Supporters for Malaysia.
Blues Supporters!

Seems like still got people do not understand the meaning of playing with "water".

Warm up session by Chelsea Team before the start of the match.
This cute kid seems like a professional cameraboy!
This is the Malaysian Line-Up!
Chelsea Line-Up! But there are 2 errors which are Petr Cech is not playing that night due to injury and replace by Henrique Hilario. Second is the spelling mistake, it should be Branislav Ivanovic 
There is the lined up and each Chelsea players are holding the red ball which was later kick towards the crowd.
Great defensive work by Branislav Ivanovic in the first half. 
Drogba in action and he was the only goal scorer for that night.
Clear chance for John Terry but was well wide. There are many great chances by Chelsea but they are just goal shy.
That's the only goal in the match! The ball was on the the line when it was saved by the goalkeeper but it was announced as a goal by the linesman.
The most disappointing part in this whole match was not just watching full of mischances by Chelsea but also our own Malaysian crowd was acting like a moron for being as a host country. The sour point of the match was the constant booing of Yossi Benayoun -- the first Israeli to play in Malaysia -- in the first-half. Muslim-majority Malaysia is an ardent supporter of the Palestinians and has no diplomatic relations with Israel. I am really embarrassed for sitting together with a crowd who are abusing people racially. I really wonder, what is wrong with Benayoun has done apart of being as an Israeli? Grow up people! WE are multi-racial country and we should not be abusing people racially. What if you are an Israeli and everybody does  the same on you? Jeez...these people are really getting on my nerves.

I really wish Chelsea will forgive us and will not put this in their heart. It is just happen to be that we have non educated crowds among us.

Apart of that, I am really disappointed with Chelsea as well for playing the same lousy game like before even under a new manager, Andre Vilas-Boas. I am hoping for a drastic improvement from Chelsea in terms of their gameplay. 

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